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About us

Our company has been processing waste containing precious metals since 2003. We mainly process waste from goldsmith production, however we are able to process any atypical waste containing precious metals. The advantage of our company is the speed of waste processing, high yield and processing small quantities of goldsmith waste.

Our services


Type of waste we refine:

Sanding materials – sand papers, polish discs, etc.

Used gilding and stripping baths

Used palladium baths

Sawdust and chips of Au alloys

Any atypical waste containing precious metals – chemicals, swabs, crucibles

We offer reprocessing of gold scrap for the price of 3% mined Au. The minimum amount of scrap is 200 grams.

We also return silver (998/1000 and better) from the goldsmith waste.

The reprocessing costs are 6 to 8% of the value of the mined metal without additional costs.

Up to 100g of pure metal: 8% | 100 – 300g: 7% | 300g and more: 6%

Material processing time takes maximum 15 working days.

You will get back your 92-94% of the mined metal in the form of Au in 999/1000 purity (99.9%), or in cash.

Shipping by agreement.

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Measurement of metal alloys by X-ray emission spectrometer

We measure:

Al, Mg alloys

Fe alloys

Cu, Zn, Sn alloys

Alloys of precious metals Au, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ag

For analysis it is sufficient to send scale 2×2 mm + order. Price for one measurement is 200, – CZK (7.8 EUR) without VAT. The spectrometer is regularly calibrated in relation to the higher class standards

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Soil survey

Consulting, sampling of waste and soil
Certified sampling of waste and soil in cooperation with an accredited analytical laboratory
Consulting in the field of chemistry and environment
Ground probing with core drill 40 mm in diameter up to 4m in depth

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Geophysical survey

Geophysical research by resistance method, metal detectors
Geophysical survey done by resistive tomography – old galleries, corridors, settlement, groundwater etc.
Output is in 3D color image, maximum achievable depth is approx. 25m, minimum size of the sought object is approx. 0.5m at approx. 3m depth
Searching for metal objects using metal detectors
Searching for objects from very small (rings, earrings, etc.) to large objects – eg. pipes or crates

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